1.4 The Trials of Oscar Wilde

For this episode on the three trials of Oscar Wilde, we read Richard Ellmann’s book on Wilde, which manages to be eye-openingly salacious with lots of sticky detail, while also generously rendering the humanity of its subject.

PJ read all the hundreds of pages of the trial transcripts, so if you really want to they are available to read online for free. But unless you are really determined you are better off listening to the highlights as dramatically read by us in the podcast.

Other books we dipped into:

All the above are links to archive.org, but you might like to enjoy Oscar’s own writing in the most suitable possible, format, a peacock-feather clothbound Penguin Classics edition.


The British Library has an extensive collection of Wilde’s original manuscripts, newspapers from the the time of the trials, and some great contemporary illustrations of Wilde (he always seems to be lounging).