About us

Fierce City is written and produced by Satu and PJ. Lifelong Londoners, we wanted to make a podcast exploring the parts of the city’s history that we find intriguing, the bits that aren’t all over textbooks and TV dramas. We delve into the stories of kings and queens at the top of the pile, as well as those of the ordinary people who have made London the great city it is today. We enjoy an outrageous soundbite from someone in a ruff, a racy Victorian headline, and we can’t get enough of some petty backstabbing.

A note on links: where possible we link to free, legal, out-of-copyright resources. We also link the books we use to places you can buy a copy, usually Foyles or Waterstones, UK bookseller chains. We don’t get any money from purchases you make through these links. We always recommend going to your local bookshop and ordering through them. Support your local bookshop today! (UK and Ireland link)