About us

The podcast is written and produced by Satu and PJ. We decided one day to make a podcast about the parts of London’s history that we find intriguing, the bits we didn’t already know all about. The stories we love range from ones about the kings and queens at the top of the pile to the ordinary people of all backgrounds who make up the majority of Londoners across its history. We enjoy an outrageous soundbite from a person wearing a ruff, and we absolutely love stories of petty backstabbing.


A note on links: where possible we link to free, legal, out-of-copyright resources. We also link books to places you can buy a copy, usually Foyles or Waterstones, UK bookseller chains. We don’t get any money from purchases you make through these links. We always recommend going to your local bookshop and ordering through them. Support your local bookshop! (UK and Ireland link)